What is Mashiko Pottery Database Project?

Mashiko-DB.net Concept


After the Great Northeast Japan Earthquake in 2011, the Town of Mashiko contracted the Mashiko Pottery Cooperative to create a database of artists, potteries, galleries, and pottery shops. Mashiko-DB Project is the culmination of administrative and private organizations, artists, and volunteers, coming together to promote Mashiko pottery and tourism.

The research was completed in March of 2012. Since that time we have continued to manage and update the database. The Mashiko-DB.net is portal site operated to use the database as a source to connect with, share, and spread Mashiko pottery information. The project is organized by the Council for Promotion of Mashiko pottery.

About Renewel


After five years in an ever increasing world of information, the Mashiko-DB Project is under going a renewal. By continuing to ask the question “How should the Mashiko pottery, the local industry projected?” we are re-examining and researching data to expand sales into new and overseas markets.



Mashiko-DB Project (Mashiko Pottery Database Project) Objective

Creation and administration of a database for information concerning Mashiko pottery to be used to stimulate the local industry, Mashiko Pottery.

Main objective: Stimulate local Mashiko pottery industry

Provide information

  • (1)Provide artist, pottery, gallery, and store information to outside sources (web and social media)
  • (2)Provide exhibit and event information (web and social media)
  • (3)To provide smooth efficient access, exchange of information, and between the Town of Mashiko, businesses, groups and organizations (a contact for inquiries, mailing lists)
  • (4)Provide information and access for foreign and domestic businesses, artists, groups and organizations interested in Mashiko pottery.

Information Sharing

  • (1)Provide information concerning Mashiko pottery, finding local resources, and educational activities.
  • (2)Provide information to increase local cooperation
  • (3)Archive of Ceramic History and Taditional techniques

"Create" Planning・Expand Sales Channels

  • (1)Build system for receiving overseas orders~Strengthen efforts for sales
  • (2)Mashiko pottery event planning and assistance

Mashiko-DB.net, using the above methods and information, is expanding to create personal contacts and promote Mashiko pottery as a local industry.

Site Components


(1) Introduction of Mashiko artists and potteries

Upload of database information. Only information upload artists who wish to be included in database. (Updates according to the wishes of artists as needed)

(2) Introduction of galleries and shops

Upload of database information. (Updates as needed)

(3) Announcements and guides to Mashiko pottery exhibits and events.

Information of Mashiko gallery exhibitions and other exhibits of Mashiko artists and pottery thoughout Japan. Also enhance PR of existing events, such as the Mashiko Pottery Festival. (in coordination with the tourist association)

(4) Mashiko PR information realease

PR video and Mashiko Town PR activity collaboration

(5) Use social media to build bridge networks (information sharing)

Use social media, such as Twitter and Facebook, to share Mashiko information and to take advantage of wide range feedback from audiences, galleries, shops, and artists.

(6) Internal use of database information sharing to create and enhance a crisis management system.

Sharing and collection of event, business opportunities, information and materials to connect interested parties. Also to create a information base report and respond to various situation and crises.

The database will cover all those whether the database is online or not.

(7) Expand Overseas Sales

Account based system with list artists work
Create system enabling for ordering artists work (for wholesalers)

Site Policy concerning uploaded information

Basic information and data uploaded the site was distributed by the Mashiko Pottery Cooperative last year (2015). All information is taken from The Mashiko Pottery Artist and Kiln Survey Questionnaire and The Mashiko Town Pottery Sales Outlet Survey Questionnaire. (Information reviewed in 2016)
All information has been voluntarily uploaded with confirmed consent. If there is information that is incorrect or should not be made available, please contact the site administrator immediately.

For those wishing to be included in Mashiko-DB website (newly started artists or newly opeded stores etc) or those wish to change there information status please contact the site administrator

Administrative Structure


Mashiko Pottery Promotion Association
Administrator: Mashiko Town Tourism Division
Adviser: Masakatsu Kuriya (Co.,Ltd. Office-Mashikonone)



Mashiko Pottery Promotion Association
Mashiko-DB Project Administrator: Mashiko Town Tourism Division
Tel/Fax 0285-72-8846 / 0285-70-1180
E-mail mail@mashiko-db.net